Garlic and Yeast Infections

Simple and Effective Use of Garlic and Yeast Infections Cures

You may have read some information on the use of garlic and yeast infections.  This has become quite a popular natural remedy lately, so lets take a closer look at using garlic for you yeast infections.

Yeast does not like garlic as is evidenced in the fact that garlic will stop dough from rising because it kills the yeast. Cooks have learned to add the garlic after the dough has risen for this reason.

Tests with Garlic

Laboratory studies with animals have indicated that yeast infections can be controlled with the use of garlic. All the animals in the test had yeast infections, some of them received a garlic extract that had aged, and the rest were given a salt solution. Two days later, the animals that had the salt solution were no better, but the ones that had the garlic gave no signs of the yeast infection.

A Common Occurrence

Approximately 75% of women will have at least one yeast infection at some point in their lives. Most often, the infection reoccurs, sometimes with regularity. The woman who has the problem very seldom probably has no reason to be too concerned except for the displeasure and inconvenience.

A woman who has regular bouts with a yeast infection may have Candida albicans, the yeast responsible for the condition, in the intestines. Under these conditions, the regular outcropping is caused by the yeast that gets discharged during normal bodily functions. Garlic in the diet is a good way to attack the Candida yeast internally and some people suggest using garlic pills for yeast infections.

Garlic Treatment For Mild Cases Of Yeast Infections

For the woman who has had yeast infections enough to know when she is getting another, the use of garlic and yeast infections makes perfect sense because one clove of garlic can cure the problem. One peeled clove inserted in the problem area and left overnight can save a trip to the doctor or drug store. Be certain to remove the garlic clove promptly. Repeat the procedure.

There is a connection in the body that may cause a woman to taste the garlic. Since most people find the taste annoying, that is one reason the garlic is used at night, and the other is because of the inconvenience of the procedure itself.

An advanced infection accompanied by a white discharge can still be treated with garlic; it just requires a more potent use of the clove. After peeling the skin off the garlic, cut it in half before insertion.

It might take more than a couple of nights to cure the infection effectively. If the case is too advanced, it can require the purchase of an over the counter treatment to speed up the recovery process.

Because yeast loves water, a woman should refrain from using a douche during a yeast infection.

The strength of the garlic is determined by how much of the inside is exposed. Cutting the clove in half produces the strongest treatment as opposed to a solid clove. Some other popular alternatives are ginger, cinnamon, and fish oil for yeast infections.

Choosing to use Garlic For Your Yeast Infections

Self treatment with garlic and yeast infections is not intended to replace normal visits to a gynecologist, and the use of garlic might not be right for every woman. This is a way of addressing the situation that has worked for many other women without any problems, but each person in different. For an excellent way to cure your yeasts infections naturally, you need to check out my Yeast Infection No More Review. This is a powerful blueprint that has helped tens of thousands of people cure their yeast infections naturally without harmful drugs or medications.