Curing Yeast Infections Inside And Outside Your BodyTreating yeast infections and curing yeast infections are two very different things.

You can easily treat a yeast infection by alleviating the symptoms with medicated products however this won’t necessarily stop the infection from recurring at a later date i.e. you won’t automatically cure it simply by treating it.

In order to cure a yeast infection within the body you need to effectively reduce the number of yeast spores within the intestinal tract and also at the site of infection, and there are several ways to do this.

Curing Yeast Infections at the site of Infection

Yeast infections tend to develop in areas that are both warm and moist with the most common sites being the mouth, the vagina, the penis, around the scrotal sac and on the skin of the feet. There are various medicated products available over-the-counter from pharmacies that treat the symptoms of a yeast infection by killing the overgrowth of yeast spores. As mentioned above though these products only kill the current infection and it is highly likely that the yeast spores will multiply uncontrollably again in the future.

If you prefer not to use medicated products and want to take a more natural approach to treating an infected area then natural, unsweetened yoghurt and apple cider vinegar can be used. Applying natural yoghurt directly to an infected area quickly kills the overgrowth of yeast spores in the immediate vicinity and puts an end to the irritating symptoms. The same goes for apple cider vinegar – diluting the vinegar in a bath of warm water and bathing in it for 30-40 minutes will also kill off the excess of yeast spores.

The key to really curing a yeast infection though is to treat the internal problem at the same time of the external problem and for this you need a comprehensive approach. One of the best is by Linda Allen, and you see a free preview of it here at Yeast Infection No More Review.

Curing Your Yeast Infections from the Inside

In a healthy body the number of yeast spores within the intestinal tract – and indeed everywhere else – is kept at a constant level by beneficial bacteria. These bacteria kill overgrowths of yeast before they can cause the symptoms that indicate the start of a yeast infection. Unfortunately very few people naturally eat the types of food that replenish the beneficial bacteria and as a result the concentration of the bacteria drops and the yeast spores are free to multiple unchecked.

This means that the key to long term relief from yeast infections is to keep the levels of beneficial bacteria topped up, and the best way to do this is to eat them. There are billions of beneficial bacteria in every pot of unsweetened, natural live yoghurt and so adding this treat to your daily diet will quickly re-establish the protective levels you need. Alternatively you can now buy yoghurt drinks that contain the same high concentrations of bacteria from any large grocery store.

In Summary

Curing a yeast infection on your skin or from the inside isn’t a difficult process however it does take a bit of dedication to succeed. It takes an average of 10-14 days to bring bacteria levels back to what is considered healthy, assuming you eat the recommended quantity of yoghurt or a similar product each day. Once the beneficial levels are re-established you will need to continue eating your yoghurt products on a daily basis. While you are doing this however you can also be treating the site of infection so that you quickly begin to feel better inside and out.